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RebirthingEnergy Healing

Energy Healing sessions work on subtle energies within the body. If your physical body gets sick, it can be healed with medicine - but if your energy bodies become weak, you will feel helpless and disconnected from your energy without knowing how to change it. You feel that you are not able to live your full potential in life and become sad, angry and frustrated. This lack of energy can be healed and balanced through gentle multidimensional bodywork techniques and give you a new strength and opening in your life.


In this session you can connect with deeper qualities of the heart, such as acceptance, trust, innocence or joy, rather than the common understanding that it is a place of sentiments and emotions.
The deepest longing of the heart is to open. Yet often we protect ourselves because of the fear not to be received with our love or getting hurt. It is an opportunity to heal old wounds and to open with trust for the present moment and our hearts.


OPENING TO THE HEARTReiki sessions allow the opportunity for the body to experience deeper relaxation through a very soft, non-intrusive way. There is minimum contact from the session giver in specific areas of the body that have been found to increase the energy flow of the body, release blockages and bring harmony within the different energetic centers of the body. Reiki invokes our healing energies in a new energetic flow that increases awareness in our body and in our day to day life.


Our seven primary Chakras are all situated along the spinal column, from the base to the top of your head. Each Chakra is closely associated with a different part of the human body.
Our senses and emotions are all connected to a particular Chakra. Your Chakras can be imbalanced due to stress; and this can cause physical illness.

Your Chakras all vibrate at different frequencies – when they are “in tune”, then your body, mind and spirit can all work together in harmony. Chakra healing is something which is important to do on a regular basis to maintain health and to help alleviate illnesses.

Self-Hypnosis for MeditationSelf-Hypnosis for Meditation

Self-hypnosis is one of the most important tools for spiritual growth.

You can use it in many areas of life: to deepen your silence in meditation, for healing, to be more relaxed and playful amid the speed and tension of the market place ... or in a creative way that is uniquely yours. The possibilities are unlimited and it is a wonderful tool to learn.


Yoga Trekking

Duration: 02 Nights 03 Days Package
Cost: Contact us

Inside the beautiful forest of Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park, we do our programmes. We reach to the peak of Shivapuri (2700m) and do meditation and yoga.

Earthquake Help

Nepal Earthquake Help

Osho Divine Zone is currently working for the Earthquake victims. Actively involving in distributing needy things and giving spiritual counselling for the bringing back their Happiness. We are also collecting some funds for them. If you wish, you can be also part of us. You can see our activities in the facebook link here.

Study Buddha's teaching and change your life!

Meditating BuddhaBuddha, the awakened one taught the beauty of generosity and the bliss of renunciation; the need for unity, simplicity and equality; the message of peace, compassion, wisdom and devotion and the need of the humanitarian services. Considering his great teachings, Buddhism is more in need and relevant today in this turbulent world than ever before in the history of mankind. ...more