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Make your journey remarkable:

Spirituality is natural, universal and possessed by all humans.  We embrace this culture of Spirituality, rather than any specific faith or religion.

Nepal is not just a geography or history. It is not only a nation, a country, a mere piece of land. It is something more: it is a metaphor, poetry, something invisible but very tangible. It is vibrating with certain energy fields that no other country can claim.

For almost ten thousand years, thousands of people have reached to the ultimate explosion of consciousness. Their vibration is still alive, their impact is in the very air; you just need a certain perceptivity, a certain capacity to receive the invisible that surrounds this strange land.Nepal has great religious and cultural wealth. It can be a perfect destination for those seeking spiritual fulfillment on their vacation. Nepal with its rich cultural heritage has much more to offer the extraordinary hospitality, warm and generous people with their authentic religion; Hinduism or Buddhism. Beside to merge with the almighty Nepal Himalayas there are many visitors who come to Nepal for spiritual tour.

In essence, spiritual travel is a more meaningful and rewarding travel experience and spiritual journeys are undertaken by people who are: searching for meaning and purpose in their lives through self discovery; facing a crossroads; wanting to reconnect with the natural environment through understanding inter-connectivity with the earth and global consciousness on a deeper level or quite simply looking to explore destinations more intensely.
This search cannot be bought, exchanged or given – it can only be experienced and discovered by the individual. When you step out of your comfort zone, away from the pressures of modern living, and consciously explore other lands, cultures and beliefs systems, your spiritual growth is guaranteed. As always, you should focus on the journey rather than the destination.
Conscious, spiritual and experiential tourism allows us to explore more deeply, open our hearts, broaden our minds and form deep connections with like-minded travelers. Spiritual Quest Journeys believes that to experience is to grow and is committed to facilitating empowering and transformational adventures where travelers are able to release old limiting beliefs and fear and return blissfully living from the heart.


Swami Basu Dev Gauli

Reiki Session and Training(Mr. Basu Dev Gauli) is truly an ignorant being, who doesn't know yet who he is in reality. (seems like a fakir, a wanderer………), the name basu is given to him by the local priest and his parents, just an utilitarian idea!, with this name this child completed a Master Degree (M.A.) in Buddhist religion and Philosophy in first degree honor from the Tribhuvan University (T.U.), Kathmandu, Nepal.
By the blessing of Existence, he has been entered into the stream of discipleship hood. The Blessed One Osho, has shower His love on him, then he became fortunate Swami PremSamarpan, a sannyasin of modern day Buddha Osho.
After encountering to this strange religious revolution of the 'Self ' Samarpan started learning various religious courses: Therapies, Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Energy work, Healing work, Body work and so on…mostly based on Osho multiversity courses developed for the new man to this new century. 
Then his thirst for the realization of ‘Self ‘or the longing to be One with the whole, Existence took him to theSivapuri Mountain Cave for special 49 days silence retreat where he has got a divine blessing (A Satori)and a Darshan of Sivapuri Baba with a message to do more One year Silence Retreat. He is blessed to complete One year silence retreat journey at the Bank of Ma Naramda River, India. Sivapuri Baba, Purnanada Baba ji, Ma Naramada and Beloved Master Osho continuously showering their grace to this innocent child.

Samarpan is sharing his skill and experiences to the interested seekers and conducting different Osho meditations Programs, and Yoga Classes. As the wish of Existence he is simply becoming a flute.As a government tourist guide, he is also taking a group and Individual to many places in the Kathmandu valleyand outside the Valley. You are welcome to experience all these gifts of Nepal, just choose your interest and do contact him.


Yoga Trekking

Duration: 02 Nights 03 Days Package
Cost: Contact us

Inside the beautiful forest of Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park, we do our programmes. We reach to the peak of Shivapuri (2700m) and do meditation and yoga.

Earthquake Help

Nepal Earthquake Help

Osho Divine Zone is currently working for the Earthquake victims. Actively involving in distributing needy things and giving spiritual counselling for the bringing back their Happiness. We are also collecting some funds for them. If you wish, you can be also part of us. You can see our activities in the facebook link here.

Study Buddha's teaching and change your life!

Meditating BuddhaBuddha, the awakened one taught the beauty of generosity and the bliss of renunciation; the need for unity, simplicity and equality; the message of peace, compassion, wisdom and devotion and the need of the humanitarian services. Considering his great teachings, Buddhism is more in need and relevant today in this turbulent world than ever before in the history of mankind. ...more