About Swami:

He is a Kalyan Mitra (True Friend) of this World, a blessed Osho Sannyasin, a blissful Fakir and a Nobody! An Anonymous walking on this Earth like an Emperor with all the fulfillment and no-desire left. Meet this Stranger and Enjoy your Moment.

He has completed a Master Degree (M.A.) in Buddhist religion and Philosophy in first-degree honor from the Tribhuvan University (T.U.), Kathmandu, Nepal, and Started Teaching Buddhism at the Lumbini University’s Bouddha Campus.

By the blessing of Existence, he has been entered into the stream of discipleship hood. The Blessed One Osho, has showered His love on him, then he became a fortunate Swami Basu Samarpan, a Sannyasin of modern day Buddha Osho.

After encountering to this strange religious revolution of the 'Self ' or No-Self , Samarpan started learning various religious courses: Therapies, Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Energy work, Body work and so on…mostly based on Osho multiversity courses developed for the new man to this new century.

Then his thirst for the realization of ‘Self ‘or the longing to be One with the whole, Existence took him to the Shivapuri Mountain Forest Cave in Nepal where he completed forty-nine days retreat in the noble silence, after getting a darshan and direct guidance from the Mystic Shivapuri Baba, he realized How Compassionate Osho is! Such a Great Master on this Earth. To Meet Osho in his Real form he started an alone crazy journey towards the Himalayas. He did One year complete silence Retreat at the Bank of Ma Narmada River, India where he has experienced the Love and Compassion of benevolence.

Since 2007, these Masters are inspiring and guiding his work as a teacher, Healer and facilitator spreading the message of Love, Meditation and Compassion to all who come to him for healing and spiritual guidance.

 Swami Basu is a qualified Facilitator, Therapist and Healer in:

  •  Meditation,
  • Yoga
  • Reiki Master,
  • Energy Work,
  • Philosophy,
  • Buddhist Studies
  • Charkra Healing
  •  Relaxation
Spiritual seekers from overseas and locally are warmly welcomed by the family and,are promised a unique and lasting transformation experience…see TripAdvisor Testimonials.