Message from Swami:

"Nepal is mostly known as the land of Himalayas, which represent the eternal natural beauty and the land of Buddha, which represents the mystical reality of this existence. Hence you are blessed to be here in this sacred land.

Annually around a million people come to Nepal to see this beauty and to feel this astonished reality, they do trekking, hiking, climbing, rafting, Shopping and so many things, but it make me surprise that only few people seems to be interested to the Buddha and to His Teaching. To explore Buddha simply means you are exploring your own inner being, inquiring life what it is, and practicing meditation to reach to your own source.

So here our emphasis is to make you aware of your inner potentiality to be blissful and creative. Through the understanding of Buddha’s philosophy, we teach you different methods and techniques of meditation so that you can experience directly. Also we are sharing you the ancient teaching of the East for the well-being of life—Reiki, Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Healing and like these Other different Relaxation Therapy like Rebirthing, Detachment from the past, Chakra Healing and so on.

You are once again welcome to experience the “inner trekking journey” (a journey from oneself to oneself)."